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Taking Leaders to the Next Level!
You may be asking yourself "why should I apply?" or "what makes this program different than other leadership workshops I have taken?" The answer could be...many one day leadership workshops tend to focus on a specific topic or need.  Leadership Butler will give you tools, enhance your skills and provide hands on experiences to take back to your work, your community involvement and even your home.  Facilitators call these skills "life skills".  The program is intense and it is a big time commitment. Everything that is taught can be utilized in many different scenarios and many different issues - it is all about the approach in which these tools are used.  Leadership Butler hopes to give participants ideas and thoughts to use these tools creatively to fit the situation or issue.
Leadership Butler works with 3 different theories of leadership development:

  • Servant Leadership - based on the work of Robert Greenleaf.  Participants will gain knowledge about "serving first" while exercising leadership
  • 21st Century Leadership - thinking about "leadership" as collaborative and facilitative.  That everyone can exercise leadership if given the tools to do so.
  • Civic Leadership - based on the work of the Kansas Leadership Center.  Participants will experience adaptive leadership, working with 4 competencies - Diagnose Situation, Manage Self, Intevene Skillfully and Energize Others.
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